ICA sur IPhone The NEW

__Une news d’une haute importance.__ Je viens de recevoir une nouvelle de haute importance (news reçu par l’intermédiaire d’un ami 😉 ) > Hi Team and iPhone Users, >I’m happy to be reaching out to this broad group with such good news. %%% >I would like to announce that our so awaited Citrix Receiver app is going to be available on the iPhone AppStore beginning March 30th.%%% >The Citrix Receiver app was submitted on March 16th @ 4:55pm ET, and it has been approved today, March 26th @ 3:40a ET.%%% ((/dotclear2/public/Images/Iphone/.IphoneIca_m.jpg|IphoneIca||IphoneIca, mar. 2009))%%% Le week-end va être très long 🙂

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