Disponibilité d’UphClean 1.6g

UphClean1.6g est disponible depuis le 14/09/2010 (merci à CitrixTools.net pour le retweet 😉 ).

UphClean 1.6g est disponible sur le site de MS ici.

UphClean1.6g est disponible depuis le 14/09/2010 (merci à CitrixTools.net pour le retweet 😉 ).

UphClean 1.6g est disponible sur le site de MS ici.

Historique des versions d’UphClean (issue du readme.txt disponible sur le site de MS)


Sep 14, 2010 v1.6g (build

The previous version of UPHClean did not call the system executable using
quotes. This could in some scenarios allow a local user to elevate privileges.
This issue has now been addressed in the current version. Thanks to Thierry
Zoller from Verizon Business for reporting this issue to us.

The C runtime files (MSVCRT.DLL and MSVCP60.DLL) are no longer needed as
UPHClean uses statically linked versions of those files.

May 23, 2006 v1.6f (build

For UPHClean v1.6d STOP CE could only happen during uninstallation.  This
build includes code to correct the uninstallation scenario.  Fixed data
corrupting bug that is exposed when UPHClean is repeatedly installed and
uninstalled.  Modified remapping handle code to use handle under
HKU\.Default\UPHClean or under HKU\.Default_Classes\UPHClean.

Nov 24, 2005 v1.6e (build

UPHClean was fixed to correct a problem in handling deleted registry key names
that include non ANSI characters.  This problem could cause a STOP 50 to occur.

Apr 27, 2005 v1.6d (build

If a user is logging off and the user profile hive is not unloading and
UPHClean is stopped it is possible that a STOP CE could occur.  To avoid
this UPHClean delays has been modified to only complete its cleanup to
when it is being uninstalled.

Fixed error in UPHClean that could cause STOP 93 when protected handles were

Added registry setting DISABLEREGFLUSHKEY.  This setting prevents user profile
unload from causing a registry flush to disk.  In some cases poor performance
affecting user application in other sessions can occur from doing this
flushing.  The setting defaults to 0 which has no effect.  Setting it to 1
prevents user profile unload from causing registry flushing.

Mar 15, 2005 v1.6b (build

Fixed issue with handle remapping where if a handle to a profile hive is
protected from close UPHClean would cause high CPU usage for large periods of

Handle remapping is now the default for all processes instead of handle closure.

Nov 12, 2004 v1.6 (build

Added code to prevent UPHClean from closing handles held to user profile hives.
This can be done using by user or process restriction.  Added code to allow
remapping of handles.  This must be enabled by indicating which process
remapping should be done for.

Corrected problem when on Windows 2000 if UPHClean had trouble closing handles
to user profile hive logoff times could increase to about 15 minutes.

Corrected problem when stopping the UPHClean service while a user profile was
being unloaded which could cause the machine to crash.

Corrected code to log UPHClean stop event (event id 1010) when system is

Added code to set service description on Windows 2000 and later operating

Mar 4, 2004 v1.5e (build

Added code to handle closure of handles for registry keys that were deleted.
This covers scenarios where an application keeps a handle to a deleted
registry key.  In that case Userenv would log profile unload problem events
even if UPHClean was running.

Feb 25, 2004 v1.5d (build

Added code to force closure of registry handles protected from close.  This
avoids repeated events 1201 with the same process/handle combinations at 10
second intervals.  Modified code to avoid license violation error on NT4.

Feb 12, 2004 v1.5c (build

Cleaned up event 1201 message text.  Added code to delay initial scan for
profiles until operating system has been started for 1 minute.  Added logging
code for event id 1501 to include user name.  First version available through
Microsoft download.

Jan 14, 2004 v1.5b (build

Improved detection of profile hive unload problem to allow UPHClean to release
hive handles earlier than before allowing normal system function.  With this
change the UPHClean 1201 event will be the only event logged.

Jan 5, 2004 v1.5 (build

Added code to allow the call stack to be logged.  Modified code to handle
scenario where UPHClean would not clean up profile handles if the profile is
deleted at log off.

Sep 23, 2003 v1.2 (build

Modified code to allow it to run on Windows NT 4.  Also added code to allow
UPHClean to be used in monitoring mode.  In this mode UPHClean reports what
process had handles to registry keys in user profile hives.  The name of the
process, its id, the registry key name reported.

Sep 8, 2003 v1.1 (build

Modified code flow to allow UPHClean to work on computers that do not have
terminal services.  Modified code to immediately close handles to profile hives
upon detection of user logoff.  The user can log off 20 seconds faster that way.

Jul 31, 2003 v1.0 (build

First working version.

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