Update TestPort : Scripting allowing to test ports TCP

Some time ago we had put in line test_port which made it possible to test port TCP Xenapp in order to check the openings network on the ICA for example.

After a little more than two years, we updated test_port.

In addition to the correction of various  bugs and the simplification of the code, it is possible from now on to test the ports on several servers.

Click on the button “Ouvrir le fichier serveur cible” (the file is created automatically)
Enter the IP of the servers to be tested and save the file
Click on the button “lancer le test ”  (french button only 🙂 )

Test_Port V1.3

UPDATE : 03/04/2012
Correction bug: when clicking Click on the button “To open the file server target” , the .txt file did not keep recorded information.

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