Erreur Dscheck : HostID xxxx has no corresponding MfServer node entry

Following a dscheck (dscheck /full servers) on one of our farms (XenApp 5 R06 of 400 servers with DataStore sql 2005 on Windows 2003 sp2), we noticed the following error :

HostID  xxxx has no corresponding MfServer node entryHostID  xxxx has no corresponding MfServer node entry

After several dscheck /full servers /clean the error was always present.
We launched Dsview in order to see whether WE could solve HostID 5C80 BY seeking in the part ServerNeighborhoods-YouFarm-MFServers.

As we did not find anything in the ServerNeighborhoods-YouFarm-MFServers part, we directed our search towards the ServerNeighborhoods-VotreFerme-HostIds part.
We find and notice that HostId 5C80 on the way has links with other HostId (one did not see it at first glance)

Back in the ServerNeighborhoods-YourFarm-MFServers part, and there we find  the hostId with Hostnames associated.

After having left the 4 servers the farm (although these servers did not present obviously any issue), the command dscheck /full servers /clean has this time deleted well recalcitrant HostId (5C80 in our case).

Once Host Id deleted we could reinstate the four servers in the farm then to pass a dscheck /full servers which did not show up any error.

Not mentionning to you the various stages of troubleshooting, dsview (but with the closed eyes first times), attempt at reading of DataStore (but good considering the foundation is not of relational type one party knew badly), importation of the DS in a series of tests and deletion of the objects, etc .etc. In short a “moumoutage” (french expression) in due form.

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